>Sleep Talking

>Sleep talking. You do it… I do it… everyone does it. My mother always talked to me right when I would wake up and I would never remember what she said or what I said until later, when I called her, I would ask what happened, because sometimes I would totally forget what went on and wake up freaked out that everyone was gone in the house. I never realized it, and I would always laugh after hearing what I said or had promised to do after I woke up because my mother knew how to use it against me.
However haha taking naps and having roommates in college has made sleeping that much more entertaining to watch. because I am not the only one!!! Haha people have no idea what they are saying when they are in the semi state of sleep and awake its hilarious! I’m pretty sure you can ask someone anything and they would tell you the answer as well as make them think they said something when they really didn’t then remind them of it in the morning. Some people even sing in their sleep or have a conversation. The conversations can be hilarious, but also scary at the same time seeing as how they can go a bit crazy on their actions or words.
But I just thought I would experiment and see where it leads me haha.
Sleep talkers around the world watch out!!!


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