>My Black is Beautiful

>I’ve come to realize over the past three years that no one judges me harder than I judge myself. I have come to accept me for who I am and embrace myself as well. I’ve come to love myself more and more, even my hair! No matter what hair style i’m reppin for the semester or a couple of months, it never changes who I am as the person you see in front of you. If I’m wearing the braids, ya I might feel a little weighted down, but I also feel more happy and things are easier to do. If I’m rockin the straight weave, I feel a bit conformed but at the same time, I rock it in my own way and make it work for me. If I’m going natural, I feel young and free again. Even though its permed and straightened I still feel at home when I go natural. I do always think about trying to go the real natural, fro and all, tight curls and rockin the natural for real. Who knows maybe in the end I will. But no matter where I bought it and what brand it is, at the end of the day its my hair on my head.
My Black is Beautiful.
You can always tell that I’m proud to be black in my own way, I may not be loud, obnoxious, neck breaking,  or finger pointing. But I do know that I am black and am embracing it in my own way. The color of my skin, may not be as dark as my dad or my sister but I know I’m black. I’m black, and cruzuan. I’m black and proud of it. I’ve got my own opinion about things, I rep my own style, got my own swag. No matter where I came from, where I went to school, what I’m doing with my life, you can always know I worked hard for everything I have gotten and wished for.To some people I may look tough and hard on the outside, and rude and evil and mean, but once you get to know me thats another story for a lot of people. I’ve got big dreams being a black woman, but I know the obstacles and stop signs in the road wont stop me from true goals, its only making me realize their is another way to go about things and I need to stop and think for a second before I make another turn.
My Black is Beautiful.
 As for the road not traveled yet, what may come!!! So many different things that could be the outcome and so many different alternative endings. But only I can make my future and only God knows where I will end up at the end of it all. I just hope I make the right decisions and keep pushing forward to becoming the person that I want to be.

My Black is Beautiful. In every single way. 


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