>Almost, almost New Years

>Geez, its already going to be 2011. I can’t believe it! In a year and a half I will be graduated from college, fingers crossed and trying to figure out what to do with my life now seems so distant but i know its coming up fast. And its going to bite me in the butt if I don’t figure out soon. But I do know that i have plans, I wouldnt mind living in Colorado for a couple years but I wouldn’t mind traveling to find another job or source better suited for me. Anyways enough about the future. this is a reflection time…. looking over 2010.
I got accepted into the Art Program at Utah State University
I became President of the Black Student Union
I got a job on campus
I got to celebrate my grandparents 50th anniversary and my parents 30th.
I worked hard and it paid off
Finally moved off campus!
got a new car! I call him Luda
Found out I truly do love Graphic Design and hope I can do my best in the real world.
Stressed myself out only 3 times this semester, that i can remember.
But got sick towards the end and have to suffer over christmas break because I overworked myself. Thank you bronchitis and sinusitis.
Had the best Christmas ever!
Had a great Thanksgiving just chillin with my parents, but the break was too short
Got kids excited to come to Utah State, by taking a week long trip to Vegas to recruit!
Never had time to really enjoy myself I think… always thinking about “Whats next? What do I have to do tomorrow?” Goal for the new year, take some time to relax by myself and just experience life more
Bought a ton of tv series seasons
Said goodbye to my best friend in college for a year and a half. Clare Bear I love you! I know you will do great things!
No such thing as too much fun
Nyquil does wonders when you are sick
Yoga is amazzing when I have the time. ( Next semester!)
People do annoy me haha
Made new friends and lost old friends
Didn’t get a chance to read a book I wanted to the whole semester! šŸ˜¦ But…. got my kindle now to read up and catch up. gotta get my smarts back!
Got frustrated a lot more than I planned too
Baked more, and cooked some good meals. Another goal: cook once a week and stop eating so much at school! haha
Changed up my style a bit
Saw a lot of bad things happening in the news šŸ˜¦ Towards the end though, saw hope for the future
Seeing cousins and family always makes me the best person that I can be.
Experienced a lot of confusion in classes this semester
Said goodbye to a family friend (Joyce Bowman)
Maybe book cover designs could be my thing, or magazine layouts. Maybe work for a company in such background
Go big or go home
Overall I have to say I kept it real, and I did my best. What more can I ask for?
I’ve got a great family that supports me and loves me and has my back on everything,
and friends that keep me laughing till the morning.
I’ve got experiences and memories to last a lifetime, and people that I hope I can always reach out to.
God watched over me this year and my family and friends.
I have faith and pray that he does the same for me next year.
Thank you God for everything. šŸ™‚
CLASSY is my middle name…. haha shot out to my girls Karrie, Alexis, and Stef.
But for the year 2011…. my word is INNOVATIVE. Look at things in a new and different way and to stop being afraid too do something spectacular.


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