>The month of Paying Forward

>Man, do I love christmas time and just the snow falling on the ground and everyone bundled up in their winter attire. Its just a great time for love and family and friends. I was soooo excited to be done with Finals this thursday but also nervous along with it because I know it was a hard semester for me and I did my best but some things just don’t plan out the way we want them too. I’ve had a lot of fun this semester and met a great deal of new people and made new friends. I have experienced some highs and some lows and some crazy moments and some outrageously funny moments. I think all in all I had a great semester and experiences to talk about for a life time. Going to Vegas to recruit, finding out my best friend at school is going on a mission (Clare Bear), starting out being the President of the Black Student Union, Get t-shirts designed, opportunities came knocking but the door didn’t open, learning more about myself through school, experiencing first hand a laptop catching on fire, catching fire toy cars, many trips to walmart, living in an apartment off campus, getting a new car, driving those 10 hours with my sister in a surprise visit :), having my sister finally visiting my school :), missing my parents for 4 months, emotional let downs, emotional highs, hanging out with friends, surprise parties, new friends and memories, slc weekends, logan weekends, meetings, Diversity Days, World AIDS Day, redesigning myself a bit, watching movies, trying out new things, reading 4 books, writing a 15 page paper, all nighters, Dr Peppers getting me through EVERYDAY, Koolaid :), chatting with friends, and sooooo much more!!! I can honestly say social wise this was a great semester and everything else was a learning experience for me. I can’t believe its done with and Christmas is here!!!
Ohh man, I’m soo happy to be home and I can’t wait for my sister and her fiance to come next week  ohh what a happy christmas it shall be!!!
But this afternoon my mom told me a story that makes me love my dad and just my parents in general. 
My dad shovels the drive way every time it snows, and this morning he shoveled our next door neighbors driveway as well. When my mom came how the neighbor was shoveling our driveway and his next door neighbors as well. Well thats what I call a pay it forward act. It made me smile to know that my dad looks out for others without even thinking twice about things. And just put a smile on my face to know that I honestly can say I have the greatest parents of all 🙂 I love them to death and even though we may fight and get mad at each other sometimes, talking to them always puts a smile on my face because really, they are only looking out for me and making sure I know what to do on my own and what I should look out for. I am the baby of the family and always will be, but I know they are just protecting me and making sure I can do great for myself no matter what. Im glad to know I have parents like that and a sister that has always got my back. Thanks Rudi, Mom, and Dad 
My pay it forward is showing the same kindness and love you show me everyday to others that need it just as much as the next person. Tis the season of giving, maybe not gifts but care, love, charity, and respect. 



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