>My Computer Fried

>Soooo It was a Tuesday night 10pm and everything was quiet in the house and I was doing my art homework while surfing the internet. The power had went out previously at 7pm. for about 2 minutes and then came back on.
All of a sudden I hear a popping noise coming from my computer and I look up to see it had caught on fire by itself and smoke was coming from everywhere! I had no idea what to do! It set off the fire alarm so I unhooked that and went back to my computer.
I unplugged the battery charger and my mouse that had been plugged up to it. Then we put it out front in our doorway to let it air out.
We took the battery out of the computer and decided it was better to do that since the battery was still burning through my computer, and we set it outside. A few minutes later I hear my roommate scream as she is looking outside and the battery had caught on fire! Outside just chillin! And I was currently on the phone with my parents at this time and I had no idea what was going on until I looked outside and saw what was happening.
Then I procceeded because my roommates were just screaming and no help haha to get the fire extinguisher and put the fire out on my battery. It kept lighting itself on fire and finally I was able to put out the fire.

Well here are the pictures afterwards :
SAD DAY OCTOBER 19, 2010. My HP Laptop died. šŸ˜¦ RIP


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