>Life: A Different Perspective

>I can’t help but think, how many people take life for granted. I have been reading this devotional book, and the past week it focused on a different perspective. To look at things in a different way and open up our minds to different things. One day it talked about inner beauty and how we shouldn’t be looking that person looking back at us in the mirror but with the character, our mind, and our spirit. Rather than looking at all those zits or pimples on your face, relish in the fact that age is a process and we are a person, not just a human being walking around. we have substance. An actual soul and we can touch so many different lives with that. We are all unique, but at the same time, each one of us has one thing in common, we all love and love to be loved. We can be hurt and we can hurt, and we forgive, but it may be hard to forget. We are humans after all! This is what my lesson will be through the rest of the year. Look at life through a different perspective and see it from a different point of view.
I always love to rearrange my room, after all the hassel of doing it by myself I feel better and a new motivation comes about. Look at things from a different perspective by just moving to the left or right side a bit more, or tilting your head, or step back and look at it from afar. If everyone could do this, I think each one of may be a little more happier with ourselves in the long run. Views come from all different sides. And to be honest it makes or breaks a lot of people.
It feels good to rearrange my room, but now I would like to implement that into my life and daily living. Take a step back from the picture and maybe you will see something that you would have never seen before.


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