>Junior Year here I come!

>Man am I already a Junior??  I can’t believe it. It has been a great ride and I am enjoying it. I have met a lot of people these past two years that have influenced my life and inspired me throughout and I am very grateful to have them there for support and reasoning. My second year at Utah State is over now and I can’t believe I have made it that far. I thank the Lord each and everyday that I am alive and I am so happy that he has blessed me with the opportunities that have presented themselves to me. God has surrounded me with a great family, and great friends and support. I just want to thank everyone that has been there along the way to help me achieve some of my goals and inspire me. You know who you are! Because I tell you when I can. My dreams are happening each and everyday that goes by and I am just so happy! It has been a great year and I’m surprised at all that has happened, but at the same time I felt it in my heart that this was the right path I was suppose to be on in the first place. I have big plans for next year and I hope I start the summer off right and stay focused on my goals. I do know one thing and that is Dreams Do Come True! All you have to do is wait and want it bad enough and things fall into place. I think everything happens for a reason and we have the power to change things if we want or keep doing the same thing over and over again. I’m one for spontaneity, it is what makes me me. I’ve accomplished a lot: Got Into the Art Program, Became the BSU President, found a job, recruitment for multicultural students, put myself out there for an internship as a sophomore, finally found my calling, made memories, met new friends, met new people, read great books, watched inspiring movies, learned new history, discovered some talents, got a modeling gig, and optimism is a blessing. God is always there for you, my Mother always there to talk to and my best friend, my Dad always there to make me laugh and gang up on mom, my sister, Always there for guidance.  Clare and Sam always there for me and setting me straight. Dexter, my true inspiration and big brother, Freddy, my other inspiration and for all black men out there, Kyle, always there to listen to me and just keep me happy and smiling, my girls, always there to keep me laughing, and to call my sisters not just friends. Serious. God has surrounded me with the best people I know in the world, and you know what? I’m selfish and I’m grateful for each and every one of them. Its a blessing to have so much love around you and lessons to learn. I’ve only just begun to grace the surface of what my true potential shall be. WATCH ME NOW!!


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