>BSU President

>So I’m pretty stoke. All of things lately have been going in my direction and I’m very happy about it. A lot of things have happened for the good and I’m excited about it. I have a lot more dreams to fulfill but I’m very excited to take the journey. I have big plans next year and I’m happy to say my advisor put it into my head haha. But also not just for me, but for everything that I do. I have just recently been announced the BSU President for the 2010-2011 year and I’m soo excited for the great people that I will be working with and all the excitement that will become of next year. Its going to be great and I’m so excited!!

Other plans I have in mind that I’m just wanting really really really bad start with applying to go to Switzerland next summer, for my Graphic Design program so I can experience overseas life and experience the art in real time. The next is applying for the BFA in Art with an emphasis in Graphic Design, I hadn’t thought about the BFA  i was only thinking about a BS and being fine with that. But since the possibility is there why not take it, you know? Sounds better too haha 😉 And lastly my sister’s wedding! and my 21st birthday!! I have a feeling it will be a very very exciting year. And it all starts now.

I will reward myself with something I have been wanting for a bit now if everything goes right or at least 2/3 goes right. 🙂 OOOO
I’m sooooooooooooooooooooo excited!!!!!!!!!!


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