>Affirmative Action

>So awhile back at one of our BSU meetings we talked about Affirmative Action. It was based on Utah is trying to get a billed passed to stop affirmative action. What we didn’t know were the facts and what truely was Affirmative Action and how it would affect us. So here was the question, Should affirmative action policies, which give preferential treatment based on minority status, be eliminated?

What is affirmative action anyways?? Affirmative action generally means giving preferential treatment to minorities in admission to universities or employment in government and businesses. the policies were originally developed to correct decades of discrimination and to give disadvantaged minorities a boost. The diversity of our current society as opposed to that of 50 years ago seem to indicate the programs have been a success. But no, many think the policies are no longer needed and that they lead to more problems than they solve.

So here are the two sides of the story: Yes for elimination:
1. affirmative action leads to reverse discrimination. 2. Affirmative action lowers standards of accountability needed to push students or employees to perform better.
3. Students admitted on this basis are often ill-equipped to handle the schools to which they’ve been admitted. 4. it would help lead a truly color-blind society.
5. it is condescending to minorities to say they need affirmative action to succeed.
6. It demeans true minority achievement, i.e. success is labeled as result of affirmative action rater than hard work and ability.

No for elimination:
1. Diversity is desirable and won’t always occur if left to chance.
2. Students starting at a disadvantage need a boost.
3. Affirmative action draws people to areas of study and work they may never consider otherwise.
4. Some stereotypes may never be broken without affirmative action.
5. Affirmative action is needed to compensate minorities for centuries of slavery or oppression.

I think no for affirmative action to be eliminated. Because we would loose our scholarships for being a minority. That is unfair and then it would be open to everyone else and then a larger range of people would be applying for the same scholarship rather than just the minorities. But thats just me

What do you think??


2 thoughts on “>Affirmative Action

  1. >These Utah people need to wake the hell up. Affirmation Action is necessary, because employers are STILL hiring based on skin color, instead of aptitude and talent. There is less than 4% of African Americans in Utah. Most of us are not Mormon. If they want to take about taking "affirnative action" scholarships away and everything else that would help minorities succeed against the structure that is adamant to see us fail, then they need to take away these religious and Mormon scholarships. Seriously Rica, if USU is even giving off a WHIFF of eliminating any type of affirmative action, HIT ME UP. I will call the NAACP and we will get things poppin. They should be scared as hell of an educated woman of color when they want to bring some nonsense.

  2. >Oohh don't worry Christina I will. I hope it doesn't pass in Utah that would ruin a lot of things for the small amount of students we do have.

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