>Kyle and Me workin on his car

>So we (Kyle and I), had decided to go to Taco Bell today for our dinner. We had to stop at the cardboard place so he could throw away some cardboard before we headed to Taco Bell. Well while he was throwing away the cardboard he looked on the ground and saw some green fluid coming from the front of his car. Kinda what my car does sometimes in the front. Well guess what… the heater core cracked according to him. Haha so we made it to Taco Bell him worrying about how much he was leaking and ate, then we were leaving and you could just see the trail as clear as daylight. So we pulled over in the LOWES parking lot to do a temporary fix on it. I got to help, haha mostly watched. But I unscrewed a bolt from the tube for him. I was supporting and cleaning up after him. He looked like a real mechanic fixing his problem. He was proud of himself haha.

That was our exciting trip to Taco Bell!

oh p.s. I was driving the car when he discovered that the collant fluid was leaking so hes blaming it on me. But it could have happened at any time. Luckily, it was only to Taco Bell.

πŸ™‚ πŸ™‚


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