>My First Valentine :)


So its been 19 years and I can not really say I’ve had a real valentine. Until 2010 hit. Kyle asked me to be his valentine and of course I said yes. haha So the plan was, go to church, then we were going to dinner (the place we went on our first date :)) and then relax with a movie. So the dinner was amazing, I feel like it will be our regular spot. And then we went back to his apartment because he had baked a cake too! on top of buying me flowers and candy, he baked a cake! Sweet huh? Anyways, we went to go see Valentine’s Day the movie, which was pretty good I think. It was a very good day for me. I’m glad I had my first valentine. Even though I still think Valentine’s day is not a real holiday and everyone blows it out of proportions. But thats just my thoughts haha its always good to have a valentine ya know??

Anyways, heres some pictures for ya…


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