>Black History Month

>Its Black History Month and I’m going to try and be more cultured of my culture. Haha. So everyday I will post a fact as my facebook status and make people aware of things that Blacks did in this country. I do think it is a good idea and will help me learn more as well as others know some fun things too. Even if its about George Washington Carver (who invented peanut butter best snack ever!) Or Rosa Parks, or Harriet Truman. I want people to know about the unknown people as well. The ones over looked such as: Otis Boykin (1920 -1982) invented electronic control devices for guided missiles, IBM computers, and the control unit for a pacemaker.

Bessie Coleman (1893-1926) was the first licensed African-American pilot in the world. She received aviation instruction in France.

Its all about the little people people!

Black History month starts now! Maybe I’ll do a blog each week about someone unknown and write about it. We will see!!


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