>WOW Spring ’10


Me and Rudi. Sisters forever! Permanent marks that we will never forget! ❤
WOW. Wow never thought, in taking 2 credits less this semester that I would feel more stressed than I was with 17. Well its happened. Its a crazy semester and its only the third week!! I can’t believe it! I’m taking two art classes and two art history classes and a business management class online. I love my art classes. even though my 3d has given me a few scratches already 😦 😉 Haha all the more fun though. Its relaxing as well as my Drawing class. Its fun I like the teachers and I feel like im learning a lot. I had a great first week back! 3 days of partying with my girls all back!!
And getting to see the F101 girls all back together again! I missed them a lot.
Oh and yeah me!! I got a job! Which I love! I love the people there they make me laugh and I’m having a lot of fun so far. I feel worthy of something again.
This is Kyle and Me. We went on a date on a sleigh ride to go see elk up the canyon it was amazing!!! and cold! BURRRR
I’ve been praying to God a lot lately, just thanking him for all the blessings that I have received and all the opportunities that HE has given me. Its been an amazing ride already and I can’t wait for more exciting things to come! I feel like even though this might be a rough semester its going to be interesting and fun.
God is My Rock and my Salvation

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