>The Green Chair


The Green Chair

As I sit in my chair pondering what to write,

I think about how much this chair really means to me.

I remember the first time I saw the “green chair” in a Target store,

From that one moment, I knew it had to be mine.

When I first sat in the chair, it was just right,

And a perfect fit for a size like me.

It wrapped me up in a cocoon like form,

To have me curled in a ball within minutes of sitting.

This was the single place for me to release and relax,

The single place to think, to read, to write, to draw,

To cry, to talk, to imagine anything and everything.

This one green chair, in the corner of my room

Describes me in a way.

The color chosen because it is my favorite,

The shape of the chair was to explain the true comfort that it offers.

Right when I sit down in my round green chair,

I feel surrounded and comforted by its warmth and polyester texture.

In every single way,

This chair is a part of me.

The green chair brought people together,

In a way, that only this single chair could.

Many nights and hours slept within,

Many movies and popcorn held inside.

As I’m sitting here in my green chair writing this poem,

I am encompassed by its beauty and comfort that it holds.

My green chair is my single place

The one place for everything and anything

It is the one single place, to escape and be me.


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