>Bonfires and Bonfires!!!

So I have been a very busy person this week and it hasn’t even finished yet!! I have been out doing something each night but in the end it was all worth it!!! love it!!
So Monday:BSU had a little get together at 2nd dame, sooo much fun. Played games and just hung out. This is why I love black people. We just know how to have fun! Well, besides my driver locking her keys in her car, it was an overall good day and night. Can’t wait till next year!! its ganna be a blast with them!

Tuesday: Roommate dinner!!! So much fun! we went to dinner at Chili’s. First of all when we got there, they put as all the way in the back and in a booth, which we had a party of 5. doesn‘t really work that well ya know? 2nd: Clare seemed to be mad for a reason unknown to us. (still don’t know why). Than the waiter tells us they ran out of chips!! how horrible! I mean its chili’s and they always have chips! Then he told us that we weren’t drinking real lemonade they just put seeds in it to make it look like that. So messed up! But, than mysteriously, we all got sick and it was not good. Eww so overall bad experience at Chili’s and it is not a good idea to go there. But still loved the roommates!

Wednesday: Bonfire!! to the extreme. So a very big group of us, the usuals on floors one and two, decided to have a bonfire before we all had to start studying for finals and what not. What a beautiful day it was too. Well, we were suppose to go to 2nd dam, but ended up way in the canyon about 40 minutes in. I guess you have to be mysterious when it comes to bonfires. (pretty sure we could have had a forest fire but we didn’t, YEAH!) Anyways, we took lots of pictures i mean lots, two albums worth of them. The fire was huge and very very hot, the atmosphere was totally chill and a lot of fun too. I missed hanging out with those guys. 🙂 Anyways some of them decided to tell ghost stories as well, one was really freaky and freaked the guys out too. But than we all decided we wanted to go to the nunnery( its haunted… tell you the story later) But before we could even walk across the bridge onto the land, a police officer pulled over. Well that ruined our plans, luckily he was chill and let us off the hook ( he didn’t want to do that much paperwork). So we got out of the canyon safely with the police officer behind our little train of cars and smelled like smoke when we got home. But boy did we have stories to tell! Ending: Great great night, that will be remembered!

Thursday: Bridal Shower for my girl Jamilah- step group leader and singer! Marring Pooh– one of our very good basketball players! Anyways she was sooo suprised we she walked in!! and she loved her gifts. I got her a picture frame of the girls and a small little flip through photo album when she gets married. It was great. We played a few games, and talked about guys and bad relationships haha. But good came from it, stories and lots and lots of laugher. Also, hearing how she was proposed too and that her dad picked out her wedding dress. 🙂 so adorable!! Anyways, one of the girls learned how to get a date in a week, haha that was a good theme for about half hour. but it was hilarious. Love those girls. P.S. this is suppose to be a dress made out of toilet paper, but it kept breaking and in the end just made me look like i was going to vegas for my wedding. 😦

Well today is Friday and who know what it will bring! But I hope it will be fun and exciting! More to come of my first semester ending at Utah State University!


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