So it was the day before Easter and all the roommates had left except me and Clare. We had decided on making Easter eggs at her grandmas house. A new technique: the art of Blowing Eggs
Step one: Poke a hold in both ends with a needle. (Make one whole bigger than the other)
Step two: Blow all the nasty stuff (eggs) out inside a bowl.
Step three: mix glue and water together
Step four: get tissue paper and rip up into assorted shapes and sizes
Step five: make paper mache on the eggs
Step six: deliver to happy costumers!!
I advise not to blow too hard or the egg will break, with the yoke still inside 😦

Dont eat either…

Anyways on the way back from picking up Clare’s sister in Tremonton… yes a mini roadtrip. We saw a rainbow. Where it started and finished. Clare was sooo excited about this haha. I dont know why but II just went with it.

And to end the night off, we had dinner, called cousin dinner in the Vaterlaus family, i was an honorary cousin for the night. pretty excited about it too! 🙂 We ordered a Pina Colada and a Chocolate Lava Cake…mmmm delicious! 🙂

That was our lovely day before Easter. Hope you guys had a great one!!!


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