>Step Show and Foam Party!!

So the last month of school!! YEAH!!! haha and we started it off right!!

The 9th annual step show was on April 3, 2009. BSU (Black Student Union) ladies decided to be in it. We were on second and our nerves were getting the best of us. But I took a deep breath and walked on stage. Man, I think that was the best night I have had in a very very long time!! It was soooo much fun!! (P.S. take note of the white shirt in the background. Perfect)

Oh and of course as you know, Black people brought fried chicken to the show, i have proof of this as well!! Anyways, It was a hit!! and all my friends were there to support me and I was soooo glad that they loved it and that we did sooooo good! Our hard work, late night practices paid off. And seriously, I made a good group of friends. It was great. Plus our girl Jamela won the dance off!! You go girl!!

The Step Show ended at 10 and the Foam Party didn’t kick off till 11! haha SO we came back home and got ready for the party to begin! SOOOOO Much fun!! love Foam!! Pretty good dnace overall! Theres my girl!! Wing girl!! haha already wet at this point!

So finally, You guys can look at the video!! Enjoy!! hope you love it!! Maybe next year I will do it again. But right now I’m at my peak and I like it! haha Pretty good right??


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