MC Hammer/ Vanilla Ice Concert


So it all started when Lauren’s mom called on a beautiful friday afternoon, suggesting that we go to a concert. Clare, Jackie, and Lauren walk into my room and ask if I want to do soemthing fun tonight. I said sure of course. “We are going to an MC Hammer/Vanilla Ice Concert!!” Pretty excited for it haha. So we get ready for the night.

Back in the 90s we began. Standing in line for 40 minutes out in the freezing cold was so worth the concert. It all started off with the band, “Love you Long Time” where the lead singer himself crowd-surfed into a center circle made for him and I ended up in the front. Side note: the crowd was very very crazy and we were getting pushed and swayed all over the place. It was annoying.

Than Vanilla Ice came on stage: wow let me tell you Age has done him well, even though he is 41. haha and p.s. side not again: Lauren’s mom went to the same highschool as Vanilla Ice so I thought that was pretty cool.

And while we were all getting tired and waiting for MC Hammer to come out, Laurens mom was going strong still haha gatta love her! finally MC Hammer came out. and funny thing is, he had to take a drink break after every song, haha hes getting old, (48). But overall it was a great night.

So we went to IHOP to get some food. Lovely somewhat. haha and we were on the road again. around 1ish. Than around 3 we got pulled over. How sad. Ya long story. But finally home around 4 and in bed.

It was a great night. an amazing night. and ice ice baby nice.


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