>Mardi Gras!

So this weekend was Mardi Gras and of course living up to our traditions Clare and I went out and bought our outfits for the event. We were goin’ all out because we’re good at dressing up.
Anyways the party started at 9. and for some reason we ended up getting ready around 7. Well by 8 we had nothing to do, so upstairs I went to help the boys get dressed. They turned out well. Very cute haha. But The party had started and we were on our way. We saw airbrush painting, so we headed to the line. We all got them on our wrists pretty sweet. except mine came off on my shirt during the night. haha Anyways, we decided to go watch the illusionist, which by the way was totally amazing!! he was soooo sweet. The dance wasn’t that great, because the DJ sucked but eh what else could you ask for. It ended well, going to betos with a group of friends and ending the night sleeping away.


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