>Roadtrip to Boise take 2

Well, to begin with, my roommate Clare, is from Boise, ID and we decided to make a trip up there to go watch our Aggies play against BSU on Single-Awareness day (Valentines Day). Thats Big Blue. So, lovely roadtrip on the way up, haha funny things, but overall a good trip. We get to the house, running in because we really had to go to the bathroom!

Anyways, saturday comes along and clare and I get abnoxiously dressed up for the game. We went a bit of shopping before the game of course, and we are pretty good at buying useless random things. take a look: beautiful huh??

Well on this very sad Single- Awarness day, the Aggies lost their 19 game winning streak and went from a 17 ranked in the nation to 23. It was a sad night, and it didn’t help much that Clare’s family are all BSU fans, so they rubbed it in for the rest of the weekend.

We ended the night well at a famous spot called Merritts, which everyone should experience by the way. We decided to take lemon shots, basically sucking on lemons and taking pictures of the affects it made on our faces haha

Overall it was a great trip and very fun. Listening to music, shopping, Merritts late at night, being true aggie fans, and other such things.
In the end Clare and I are really good at roadtrips.


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